Mike ‘High Tower’ Mendham (Treasurer)


Having been involved with football for most of my life, playing, officiating, or as a parent supporting and coaching my son, daughter and their teams at various youth levels, I was aware walking football existed but never took it further. With Foxash WFC literally on my doorstep, I didn’t really have an excuse not to join. However having taken the plunge, I wish I’d done it sooner. A better bunch of lads and lasses you couldn’t wish to meet, it was so easy to make friends. It doesn’t matter how good you are, everyone is made welcome.

Colin ‘The Poacher’ Brigden (Club Sec.)


I started playing football on Thursday evenings at the relatively late age of 40 when I moved to Suffolk having previously played hockey and rugby. I ended up playing and running a conventional football side in East Bergholt for over thirteen years.  At the beginning we were all of a similar age however over the years many of the older players gave up only to be replaced by much younger players.  At the end I was finding it difficult to keep up with the speed and ability of so much youth. In January 2018 I thought I’d give Foxash Walking football a try. I am not the most accomplished footballer but enjoy getting involved. I immediately found Foxash WF to be a really friendly bunch and all inclusive regardless of footballing ability.  Most recently one of our members has kindly been volunteering to provide coaching sessions which has been really helpful. After a few months of enjoyable football at the club playing up to twice a week I decided I wanted to give something back to the club by taking up the position of Club Secretary. To all prospective members I would say give walking football a go.  You won’t regret it!

Gary ‘The Calculator’ Cole (Club Cpt.)


Having played, been captain, manager and secretary at foxash back in my younger playing days, I didn’t take much convincing to help Richard set the walking football club up. Fantastic opportunity to play the beautiful game, at a slower pace, into, hopefully, a ripe old age. Great way to keep fit, with some good banter thrown in.

Richard ‘The Serpent’ Blackman (President)


Only ever played Youth club football in Herts & Beds from when I was 12 – 16yrs only seven a side on a full pitch and then 5 years of Sunday Football. When I was 24-29 yrs old. With a bit of 5 a side and badminton on the way to keep me fit…  They kicked the Football out of our Club so we set up Walking Football which was tough as there was not much love for football but it really got moving getting 8 Dart players involved and now four years later  I may not be the most skilled but we have up to 18 per week and loving it!!

Brian ‘Toe Poke’ Addison  (Chairman)


When I retired I would spend Sunday morning reading the paper and getting under my wife’s feet so I decided (or was it my wife) to get off my backside and go to Foxash for a kick about. Never been good at football but found a friendly bunch who never worried about my lack of skill but always willing to take the micky at a missed pass or goal attempt. That was two years ago . I now turn up most Sundays and again on Thursday and have played in a few local tournaments and do a bit of pitch maintenance. It is always good for a bit of banter and the bonus of some exercise and fresh air.

Ian ‘Sweet Lefty’ Finch


Norman ‘The Mountain’ Gould

Graham ‘The Cobra’ Cole

I started playing for Ardleigh when I was 14, before helping to form Foxash in the 80s, and my highlight was scoring 27 out of 28 penalties ( thanks Copford keeper), before returning to Ardleigh, then retiring about 1996 after too many injuries. I then ran the kids football at school and still played cricket (still trying now). After talking about it for a while we decided to start Walking Football at Foxash, (and the rest as they say is history), especially to be playing AGAIN with the ‘young’ men of 25-30 year’s ago, Gary Cole, John Cookson, John Hamblion, Steve Dodson and Derek Tarbard, it’s great!

Graham ‘Gonna Getcha’ Brewster

The joy of kicking a football about again with a great bunch who all remember the heydays fondly, those youthful lighting fast footballing brains & moves are only now surpassed by the speed of our walking. In my day, I only played at local village level, so my decision to take up walking footy in my late 50s is the best I’ve made in years. I can’t believe I have the opportunity to play again & oh, that football banter, sharp as ever.

Charles ‘The Stylist’ Barber

Derek Anderson


Ben Brown

Graham ‘He’s Behind You’ Clarke

Clive ‘The Hammer’ Dawson


When I stopped playing football at the age of 43 little did I know that I would start again at the age of 56. It’s now 3 and a half years later and I’m still playing competitive football. Great fun, a great bunch of ‘lads’ and still scoring the occasional goal…Football forever.

Essy ‘The Spider’ Eslamian

Long time ago I was playing football for under 18’s but gave it up as work took over. For the past few years, I was playing football with friends but they were younger, so It was hard to keep up with younger player. When I was told of walking football, not convinced WF will be interesting, I joint Fox Ash… How wrong can one be, a year on I cannot wait to play every week. Who knows I might even join England Walking football team.

John ‘The Mover’ Cookson


After playing local football from the seventies to the nineties I was still playing over 45’s 5 a side when I heard about Foxash W/F. This was at at a wedding three years ago, and four ‘old mates’ told me to come along. Of these four, only Graham Cole is still playing! It’s great to be playing outside on grass again, and like the rest of us, I don’t think anything can beat kicking a ball about.

Graham Smith

Mike ‘The Machine’ Poole


In my younger days, I used to play football in the Sunday leagues, usually with a hangover. When, in retirement some forty years later, I decided to take up walking football, I wondered whether my silky ball skills and deadly finishing would still be there. Of course they weren’t. But I still enjoy kicking a ball around, and it’s good for general fitness, although the hardest thing with walking football, is the walking!

Reg ‘Tiny Terror’ Cammarano

Since taking early retirement, my wife thought it would be nice for me to give her a break,  get out of the house and get some exercise. Go and do something blokey she said.  Jogging, pounding the pavements didn’t sound like much fun then someone mentioned Foxash walking football so I decided to give it a try.  Eighteen months later I`m still going and its been great, not just the games but the company as well. Good fun and silly and sometimes irreverent jokes that nobody takes seriously, its just like being 16 and back at school again. Great fun!

Richard ‘The Terminator’ Adshead

Currently residing in Coggeshall, Essex. I am a Civil Servant working in Central Government. I have been playing walking football for 6 years. I previously played for Bexley & Sidcup and Bexleyheath before joining Foxash in 2018, having moved from Kent to Essex. I have really enjoyed playing at Foxash and the guys are great. Other interests include Cricket, crime noir and old westerns.

Andy ‘The Punisher’ Bayliss


I have always enjoyed football, both watching and playing. I stopped playing in my late forties due to injury, my ankle was reconstructed by an excellent surgeon and I hoped to play again. My family weren’t keen…. they had endured me through my recovery and didn’t want to face it again! After seeing the “Barclays bank” advert on TV I looked into walking football as it was less physical. This coincided with my 50th birthday. The rest is history! Walking football helps to keep me fit, active and alert. I love the banter and look forward to playing each week.

David ‘Iron Man’


I didn’t play much football in my youth as the school I went to only played rugby. During my working career I couldn’t commit to playing as I worked shifts. When I retired I wanted to find something to keep me fit and having seen the sign for walking football outside the Foxash social club I decided to go along. It was the best thing I could of done as it doesn’t matter what standard of footballer you are everybody is made welcome. I am now into my third year of playing with a great bunch of people.

Mark ‘The Fiddler’ Fiddes


Having to cut my football short at the tender age of 28 due to knee injuries, I never thought I would play any form of competitive football again. I learnt about the game from one of the guys who set up Foxash WFC and decided to go along. That was three years ago, and absolutely love it. Keeps a level of fitness up, and a great bunch of people all enjoying the opportunity to play some football. What could be better?

Richard Hill


Graham ‘The Guru’ Long


Mary ‘The Menace’ Ross

My dad taught me to play football as soon as I could walk. The pin-ups on my wall were Allan Clarke and Peter Lorimer. Later, I considered playing for Leeds United but chose Lancaster University Women’s Football Team instead. Red was more my colour. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 20 years (chances for women to play football: nil) and on moving back to Colchester, was thrilled to find Foxash Walking Football Club. Walking footie has helped me get fit and has improved my skills. My football feet were definitely made for walking.

Trevor ‘The Widowmaker’ Mills

I gave up football at 35 and didn’t really miss it, I started walking football in late 2018 and found that I really enjoy it playing twice a week at present. People say don’t you want to run and I tell them I never ran much in my younger days.

Nigel Clark



Roger ‘The Author’ Race

Thought that as I got to my early sixties my days of playing football were truly over until I saw walking football on tv. Saw the advert for Foxash and thought that I would give it a try. Although not a total replacement, walking football is a great way to continue being involved in the game and with an added bonus of meeting and playing with a great bunch of people. It also ensures that my vast collection of football shirts get an outing!

Derek ‘The Sweeper’ James


My footballing career was a long, and successful one having played at a good level with a number of local teams and winning many medals for the teams various league and cup wins. I learnt about walking football from another Foxash member, came to watch and thought what a great chance to put on a pair of football boots again! I have been able to help gain sponsorship for a few items that the club needed including our latest kit .It’s always fun (and competitive) whenever we train or play which makes it a truly enjoyable experience for this old codger

Julian Finegold

Mick Boyden


Paul Bradley

Steve Tunmore


David Strike

Cliff Rowley

Simon Bowey

Keith Bailey

Chris Nagy

Rob Honour


Jane James

Mark Bullen

Shaun Rulton


Julian Furne

John Stamford

Steve Setford

Gavin Ray

John Allen

Tim Strugnell





Jake Towns

   Luke Smy

Nel Smith