Andy ‘The Punisher’ Bayliss does some fantastic footwork

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By admin.FA / April 1, 2021

Andy is known for being very able to kick the wind out of a size five football at Foxash. He is least known for his ability to walk very far, and I mean very far, indeed, rather extreme distances.

Andy took on the challenge to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps per day for a whole month. It wasn’t just for himself or his fitness; the gruelling task was to raise valuable and much-needed funds for Cancer Research.

The charity focuses on many forms of cancer that affect us, but especially those forms of cancer that are more prevalent when we approach midlife and beyond. Cancer has certainly been experienced in our club, with a few members who have successfully beaten the disease. Many of us who have family members and friends who have suffered from this hideous disease will appreciate the importance of having lots of Andy’s who take their time to raise funds and participate in these challenges.

So, how far did Andy walk?

Andy, being Andy, wasn’t going to stop at 10,000 steps per day; he achieved 711,977 steps in total. To put that in context, it equates to an approximate average of 23,000 steps per day. To appreciate that more, that is the equivalent of walking 12 miles per day, or in total, 360 miles over a month. Not bad for an old geezer, eh!

In all seriousness, the club members of Foxash have to commend Andy for such a brilliant challenge, and to do it with such enthusiasm and drive is a testament to his character.

If you would like to thank Andy for his tenacity and impressive endeavours, you still can. Visit his fundraising page to donate. Remember, big or small; every donation helps to fight this disease.


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