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By admin.FA / January 8, 2020

When you hit your fifties, the choices for keeping fit are typically limited to the occasional trip to a gym, cycle or long walk. Walking Football has opened up a whole new world to many football enthusiasts in the UK, and indeed it is a sport that is growing throughout Europe. Walking Football is now the fastest growing sport in the country, and many who have reached the half-century mark are playing regular friendlies and tournaments around the country.

Undoubtedly, the big pull and reason for the growth is the love of the game. However, for many, it is exactly what the doctor ordered in regards to exercise. The term Walking football sounds a little like it is a gentle stroll around a field, but in reality, it is not dissimilar to five-aside games, and indeed, rules. As the game is played at a fast walking pace, you are always thinking and moving into space to play a good passing game. It is very doubtful that anyone who has participated has left the field without getting a good sweat on. It is common to see enthusiastic participants on a hot summers day donning soaking wet shirts when leaving the field of play. Fat and calorie burning is a definite, and increased lung capacity is most certainly a requirement and outcome from a hard and competitive game on a walking football field.

So, what are the health benefits?

  • Typically, an average walking football player will burn a good 500-1000 calories per session
  • Playing regularly will see a huge increase in lung capacity
  • Regular exercise through walking Football will reduce heart disease
  • Building muscle strength – some of which you may have thought had left you years ago
  • Wellbeing – its great fun and you get to meet a lot of people who become firm walking football friends


Walking Football isn’t without its health issues, but only the kind of health problems that come from exercise and require a little rest and recuperation. Achilles, calves and muscle strains are common in the early days because those muscles that have laid dormant for many years are now being used regularly. The body takes some time to adjust, but once you play regularly, you find that injuries are much less frequent. At Foxash WFC, we have many players that never seem to get injured having played the game now for several years.

Walking Football may not be for everyone who thought they had retired from the beautiful game in their youth or from playing in local leagues, but we can certainly guarantee it is for most. Once you are hooked, we guarantee you will be counting the days till the next walking football session.

If you are looking to try out the game, we welcome everyone to come and visit us on a Thursday night or Sunday morning. Bring a set of suitable football boots and shin pads, and you are all set to join in the fun at Foxash WFC in Ardleigh.


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